Introduction to Street Photography Now Up!


Dust off your old cameras, baby it’s workshop time!  That’s right.  You are cordially invited to come aboard for the month of October to meet other budding street photographers and partake in the glory of shooting in NYC.  You will learn a great deal about street photography, your camera and our lovely city.   Full details below and at the following link:


“This street photography workshop will help you get comfortable with your camera, get comfortable shooting in the street and show you a bit of New York that you may not know.  While this course is geared towards beginners, intermediates are welcome as well.  Limit of 5 people per class (some classes have groups of 10 or more, that’s just not good for our purposes).  The class is designed to be cut into four separate parts:

  1. In Class discussion!  We will go over the history of street photography and pay homage to those that came before us.  We will discuss technique in detail.  From framing, composition, metering, depth of field and content.  If you need a tutorial with your camera then I am very acquainted with Nikon, Canon, Sony and other cameras.
  2. Welcome to China Town!  See the madness and beauty of China Town!  This area is a dream for photographers as it is filled with amazing characters, small streets and lots of action!
  3. Coney Island!  A lot like China Town in the amount of energy but with a completely different culture!  See the Wonder Wheel and get a bit of history as you soak in the rays and shoot in the sun!
  4. Williamsburg waterfront.  This is my home turf and as such I like to think I know a thing or two about it!  We will visit the Puerto Rican neighborhoods and walk along the edge of the Hasidic ones.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to Street Photography Now Up!

  1. While I am a fan of New York, it is a bit hard to commute to this wonderful city from Melbourne Australia. Still, I am quite amazed at your blog being one of the best ones I have seen for street photography. It would be a great chance to learn from the best 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! And before I thought the web was filled with trolls! Your photos are excellent. I especially love the “Emerald Eye of the Snake”. I really enjoy street photography… but nature photography is incredibly satisfying in so many ways. If I ever get to Melbourne, I would be humbled to take a few lessons from you.

      1. You are too humble. I enjoyed your posts greatly and it was really a pleasure to see the diversity of inspirations through wordpress. Thank you for your kind reply.

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