Rain Check! Why Photography in the Rain is the best!

Get back inside!  There’s a storm a-brewin’!  Here’s why shooting photos in the rain is so great –

  • People are intensely interested in getting inside and out of the rain.  This gives them great facial expressions.
  • Piggybacking on the aforementioned intensity of people’s desire to get out of the rain, if you take a photo of someone they are less likely to get upset and spend anymore time than they have to out in the rain.
  • The costumes and colors that come out in the rain are great.
  • Everything has a glossy shine on it.  The streets reflect lots of light.
  • Umbrellas are nice round shapes to contrast with the sharp lines of the city.

But you know what the best part about shooting in the rain?  It takes work.  That’s right.  Honest to goodness in your bones… work.  Going out in the cold rain is inconvenient and the best artwork is born out of limitations and inconvenience.  Convenience makes crap.

So get out in the rain.  Get wet!

Happy Shooting!


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