Push It To The Limit (Like Scarface!)

There is one montage in Scarface that I have always loved. That is the scene where it shows him getting married, making loads of money, giving a hair salon to his sister and owning a tiger that lives on its own little island in the backyard. He does all of this of course to the tune of “Push it to the Limit”.

The 80’s were glorious indeed.

Dont worry, your humble narrator isn’t interested in dealing illicit substances or buying tigers.  My interest is in pushing film to the limit.


What we are looking at is Fomapan 400. Its normal rating being 400 iso, I have pushed north of 1600 (more than two stops). Normally this film takes 8 minutes to develop but I let it develop for 26 min. Of course this gives me greater flexibility because I can shoot at fast speeds in low light.

But as with all things in life, pushing it to the limit requires compromise. In Scarface’s case, his drug peddling lead to murder, cocaine abuse, a barren wife and ultimately to his downfall in an epic battle scene with his “little friend”.


The compromise with pushing film isn’t exactly death but rather graininess.  If you enlarge some of these photos you will notice their graininess.  That gritty earthy grain that you need to eat like wheaties.  That’s what I am talkin about.


But is graininness really all that bad?  Nope.  In fact, I rather like it.  PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT DAWG!

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