Film Screw Ups (Again!)

I’ve had some screw ups recently… and it’s unfortunately it’s messing up some good photos..

This last one was a real doozy!  I was inverting my dev tank and the lid came off… shooting D76 developer all over the living room.  I tried mopping it up with an old towel which soaked things up but then there were these strange white splotches on the ground.  I mopped up the floors again and cleaned the whole living room.  Thankfully my wife only noticed that I had mopped and cleaned the living room without noticing the mess I had made.  The effects are kind of interesting… but just like Instagram… I’d prefer a nice clean image without all the superficial fluff…

Image  (3) (3) (3)-3

Image  (3) (3) (3) Image  (3) (3) (3) (2)

Image  (3) (3) (2)-3-2

4 thoughts on “Film Screw Ups (Again!)

  1. First thing that comes to mind after looking at the pics … psych ward 34 … that’s where I work … many patients are coming in looking pretty much like your pics … after much soul searching … voila! Renewed life … renewed people …

    1. Thanks. That has to be a deeply moving job! Glad you are optimistic about moving people out the door as better people and brighter lives… Unfortunately I am aware that many are put into prisons, which is the wrong place for them…

    1. Thanks! The first one I think would have been great as a normal shot had I not screwed up with… The second one I can go and reshoot as it’s right around the corner from work 😛

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