Next Baby Steps. Where’m uh headin’?

I never really mentioned it, but I’ve changed some of the style of shooting I’ve done over the past couple of months.  Partly due to the desire for new projects, partly due to the shooting of medium format.  I have slowed down, caught less candid snapshots, and focused more on a series or body of work than I have in the past.

Previously, I would shoot anything came my way.  This usually made for a bunch of shots on a roll that seemed to be randomly thrown in there.  There was little rhyme or reason to it (the only consistency being black and white film most of the time, the locations and my style of shooting).

Image  (3) (3) (3) (2) (2)-5

Not to say that everything I am doing now has a strict rhyme or reason. But one thing that has been a marker of my recent work is the shooting of fewer portraits.  I always thought portraits were the best but now I want to get good shots of both portraits and landscapes.  So I have focused more on landscapes.

Image  (3) (4) (2) (2)-3

Portraits are beautiful and I will always love a good one.  But I feel like it’s almost cheating a bit.  Landscapes are tougher to get a good photo out of because they require more interesting subject matter (in my humble opining).

Image  (3) (4) (2) (2)-4

The ultimate goal of course is to be able to grab both great portraits, landscapes and potentially the combination thereof?



9 thoughts on “Next Baby Steps. Where’m uh headin’?

    1. Thanks Jabcam. He is certainly correct. Medium Format film refers to rollfilm that is 120mm. You can of course get larger format film (4×5, 8×10 etc) but these aren’t rollfilm (which has it’s own advantages). When the surface area of the film get’s larger, certain things start to happen. For one, you get much higher resolution (because there is so much more information per photo). Secondly, there is this “look” to the photos shot on medium format. They look very three dimensional compared with normal 35mm film. Another interesting feature is that the depth of field gets narrowed considerably for the same aperture. So shooting f/4 on a 35mm camera will get you a narrow depth of field. But the DOF from shooting f/4 on a 120mm medium format camera will be much more narrow. Anyway, this is a long winded response, but just start googling a lot of things and keep reading… and then start shooting medium format :-P.

    1. Thanks! It’s been awhile since I’ve been shooting :-(… I’ve been studying for the GRE and will be taking that next weekend!

      How are you? When are you coming back to NYC to us???

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