Movements, Glory, Pictures and the Web.

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Taking photographs is the best way to spend leisure time. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have little time of leisure. My leisure suits have been hanging in the closet for some time now, untouched except by the occasional moth.

I took receipt of the Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II a couple months ago. I have one lens for it and it is a beautiful camera. I wish I would use her more. These are from the first roll that went through her (I still have a lot of BnW still undeveloped).

Image 1

So where oh where have I been? I’m still in Brookyn. Still at the same job. What has changed is that I am working (a lot) on a new website and a new company that I am moving toward launching.

At one point I thought I could make a profession out of photography. Many people do and do a fantastic job at it. But I don’t think I’ll be able to provide for my family in the way that I want by doing this. To accomplish that, I need to either go into real estate investment or become an entrepreneur (or both). The first route was open to me after college and I pursued it without much success. After leaving it, I realized that technology companies are where I want to be.

Image 2

That self realization led me to learning about HTML, Javascript, CSS and the myriad frameworks and libraries you can use. It’s a fun world and very applicable to my occupation. What is left is to start a company. I have a really smart partner in crime and I have the ability to write my own sites, why not?

Before I start counting my chickens, I still have a lot of work to do. We have thrown some things together but it’s going to take many more hours.


Which brings me to us. I really love you. I do. I don’t want to leave you, and I know we will be good friends for a long time (unlike most relationships that claim to be able to do that, we really can). I’ll revisit from time to time, out of longing. But my focus overtime narrows on my career. It’s a consequence of being older, married, wanting children and to provide for them. In college, a day spent doing nothing was fine. But now, I need coffee and activity which will add to my professional portfolio.

Image_Adios amigos. I’ll try and give you an update in a couple of months. Until then, keep shooting.

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