Leaky Light Leakers

Welp. I was really excited about the Grafmatic backs. Not so much now.

If you don’t shoot 4×5, you don’t really understand the frustration of shooting with the plastic cassettes. They work well, but they only fit 2 shots per cassette. Which isn’t much.

The Grafmatic will hold 6! Whoa momma! And it’s the size of about 2 plastic holders and weighs about as much. And cycling through each photo is a piece of pie. No need to flip over the cassette etc.

They were a dream come true. Unfortunately the dream abruptly ended as I developed my first photos.


As you may be able to tell, there’s a note which says “Light leak @ left side”. And you can see the results here:


Back to the drawing board and back to the cassettes!


I think I have it figured out! I’ve simply been doing it wrong. I’ll have to post on why that is but after reading this thread, I’m confident the light leakiness is my fault.

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