Voting Republican Supports the Democrats and Vice-Versa

My neighbor blares a die hard Religious Conservative radio station on the regular. Last night, the host took callers. “But I can’t bring myself to vote for Trump even if I’m a Republican  because I find him deplorable!” The same theme showed up time and again in random callers to the station.

But the host remained resolute. “You may not like him, but it’s better than the alternative.” Who is surprised by the argument for least worst? Well, the two party system hands us its least worst every four years and every four years, it gets worse.

Both parties sling mud and go home at night feeling good they did their job. But they need each other. Look past those gritted teeth of Trump and see his grin. He knows he needs his opponent to win. The sustainability of the Republican party is based on the existence of the Democratic one. Trump loves Hillary. Even financially supported her.

Voting for Trump or Hillary means the two party system wins. I refuse to vote for either. I just can’t. I don’t claim to have an overwhelming sense of integrity. But the slice of me that has it, tells me no way. Oh, I’m still voting, just not for either party.

And what I hear is, “don’t you want to vote for a winner?” Whether or not the party wins has no bearing on my vote. I don’t need my confirmation bias to be stoked. I want to rest easy, knowing I did my part.

And yes, I don’t agree with everything either independent does or says. But I can’t support the two party system any longer. If an independent wins, then people will realize that this turd sandwich upon which we munch is just that, and we’ll get real candidates in the future, based on their merits and not on their ability to woo a party.

This is the only way to turn a system of least worst into one that produces the best, that I can think of.

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