Why Open Source Spectoscopy is So Awesome

We live in a glorious time, really we do.

After 3D printing my camera and becoming obsessed with building things in CAD, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the DIY community. There is a large DIY camera community and I’m glad to be a part of it.

There are other areas of DIY that are also going very strongly. I am constantly impressed by the progress made in open source spectometry and I am particularly excited by this area.

This in particular. But what can it do? Oh.. what can it do. It tells you the chemical composition of a liquid. I happen to believe that pollution and carcinogenic materials are within lots of common consumables but we just don’t have the proof. We don’t have proof because there’s a lack of a way to prove the pollution is there in an inexpensive way.

But with open source spectoscopy, this becomes much cheaper and therefore more prolific. What was once a machine that cost tens of thousands now becomes a machine that costs maybe hundreds. And so, justice becomes cheaper. It can only be good for us :-).

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