I did it.

This Christmas, I had 5 fruitful days of making food. Most of the foods I made were pretty much for the first time.

  1. Orange Marmalade
  2. Starfruit Jam
  3. Coconut yogurt
  4. Yucca mayonnaise (totally delicious)
  5. Fermented black bean sauce
  6. Stir fry with chicken breast and leeks
  7. Pork Bao buns
  8. Chicken Gallontine with stuffed with duck breast and marinated in the fermented black bean sauce
  9. Sweet potato noodles (admittedly just bought them and boiled them)
  10. Basque cheesecake (amazing)
  11. Roasted delicata squash (this is the one dish I’ve made plenty of times before)

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