Class Showcase

Digital is on the right.  Film on the left.

Time is marching on!  Sometimes I look at the clock and wanna bonk it on the head and tell time to stop that damned march!  Well… she never listens.

Of course being frozen in time would kind of suck so I am happy she’s still moving on in certain ways.  The other cool thing about time’s tenacity with moving is that I get to read about new camera equipment.  Emphasis on read.  Cause lemme lay it on yah, I surely aint buying. Nope, yours truly don’t need that.  Yes, the new Leica M has a 24 mp sensor.  Yes it costs $9,000.  Yes the new Sony RX1 has amazing low light ability and is compact.  I bet you could take some great photos with either of them!  And surely people will. So why will you not catch me with some of the latest gear off the strip?  Because my photography would suffer.  That’s right… suffer!  I want to be nice to myself by not giving myself the easy route out.  And yes digital is easier and more convenient.  But why in this world of convenience do I need more convenience?  In a word?  I don’t. I dont need it. Don’t want it.  Won’t have it. In the words of my favorite horse – Happy shooting! J