IMG_0011When I was a kid we used to shoot crows on Thanksgiving.  When wounding one, it would squawk to the attention of the others.  They would gather around the injured in a squadron formation.

IMG_0002Landing to the rifleman’s aim.  With adventure in our eyes, after church we went to Hooters.  The same holy sermon on the mount melded into mounts propagating the same titillating sermon.

IMG_0003-9Even so, quality buffalo wings are the main attraction.  We have to shoot that dog.  Putting him to sleep costs two-hunnerd dollars.  A 9mm round costs two cents.  And that mutt is liable to kill other hounds.

IMG_0001-2-2And asides, I am too busy to bother.

IMG_0002-7All photos taken in Wichita, Kansas.