provia 100f

One advantage of film… it captures red really beautifully.
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This is part 2 of of trip to Thailand.  This post is predominantly from the island of Kho Phi Phi and Krabi Beach (mainland).

Thailand… we will always love thee.

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Image 7Untitled2Image 16Untitled26To the lady above – thank you for making me a lucky man.

I am now fortunate to call a very special woman my wife – yessir, I am a very happily married man.  We were married on February 23rd at 4 PM in Miami, FL.  I would post photos of the wedding but our photographer is still busily editing and developing.  That will come soon enough.

After the greatest night of our lives, we woke up early on Sunday morning preparing to leave for the trip of our lives – Thailand.  Twenty six hours later, we arrived in Bangkok!  Do honeymooning and street photography mix?  I think so…

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*All shots were taken with my Pentax 67 and either a 75mm or 105 mm lens using Provia 100f slide film.